Ayahuma (1kg powder)


Product Details:

Scientific name: Couropita guianensis

Contents: Dried ground pulp.

Weight: 1 kg

Active ingredients: Fixed acids, alkaloids, aurones, sterols, simple phenols, flavones, saponins, triterpenes, xanthones.

Preparation and administration: Washes or baths with the cooking of the fruit.

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Traditional use:
Ayahuma is the soul tree, the heart tree. Just have a look at it and see that it’s crown resembles a giant open heart. Anti-inflammatory, good against general discomfort, muscle pain, tuberculosis.

The Ayahuma tree is a massive tree, growing up to 55 meters. Its common English name (cannonball tree) comes from the fact that it produces large round fruits which resemble cannonballs. While these fruits are inedible, they are used topically to treat skin conditions and disinfect wounds, due to their high antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. When dieted, Ayahuma is used to help us recover from emotional shocks and release past traumas due to the grounding strength it offers.

Ayahuma is warm and revitalizing, helping us to gently open our hearts for compassion with ourselves and others. Ayahuma allows dieters to see the world more shamanically, acting as a true Master Plant, it opens our eyes to the web of existence that we are embedded in.

Ayahuma not only provides protection but is used for healing the loss of soul or spirit (“susto”). Ayahuma assists in retrieving fragmented parts of the spirit that got stuck in time, from a trauma or from fright. It helps bring that fragmentation back to the here and now to be united with the heart.

Ayahuma is also a great guide in the dream space. I invite you to explore more of Ayahuma. Call on it before you go to sleep, set the intention for it to help guide you in your dream space towards healing and growth.


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