The Alchemy of Self

“The Alchemy of Self – Traditional and Modern Approach to Plant Medicine Therapy”.
Donation based online course on psychedelic plants & fungi.

“The principle goal of Alchemy was (and is) the production of the lapis philosophorum. The Alchemical axiom states that the coveted stone is made “not of stone, not of bone, not of metal.” That is to say, it comes not from the mineral kingdom and not from the animal kingdom. It must, therefore, be deduced that the true stone of the philosophers is to be found only within the plant kingdom… ”
P.D. Newman

I share with you carefully selected content in PDF and MP3 form with extra videos and exercises connected to the modules. You can catch up whenever you can and there’s no stress about keeping up, you decide what you can afford.
Suggested donation is between 100-200 $ but I’ll leave this up to you. Scroll down to see the full description!



It includes topics like:

1. History of plant medicine use from around the world.
– how the psychedelic experiences shaped our reality from ancient times till now,
– did psychedelic plants influence our evolution?
– were they the inspiration for religions and philosophies?
– ritualistic psychedelic use by the ancient civilizations.

2. Getting to know the psychedelic plants
– Ayahuasca & DMT,
– San Pedro & Mescaline
– Mushrooms & Psilocybin,
– deep insight into each plant and experiences backed up with science.
– micro and macro dosing

3. Modern and traditional approach to psychedelic therapy, their benefits and risks.
– shamanism vs psychotherapy
– Shipibo Plant Dieta
– psychedelics the cure for depression, addictions, PTSD, childhood traumas or just a tool?
– neuroplasticity,
– will psychedelics save the world?
– understanding the role of psychedelics to consciously use their full potential.

4. Preparation for the experience:
– Hero’s journey,
– How to avoid a bad trip or to learn from one,
– the importance of the set and setting,
– how to prepare your inner and outer space,
– how to be a good guide/trip sitter.

5. The Psychedelic experience:
– is this real or just a hallucination?
– facing fears and the techniques of navigation,
– ego death and the art of letting go,
– enlightenment,
– expecting the unexpected,
– how to rewire your brain, connect to your higher self and bring something back,
– meeting the entities, spirits, gods, ancestors, extraterrestrials and ways to communicate.

6. Integration:
– best ways to integrate the psychedelic experience according to ancient spiritual practices and modern psychotherapy,
– back from the life changing experience into our old lives,
– the possibilities for changing our lives for better and the dangers of falling back into our old behavioral patterns,
– techniques of staying connected to the experience (breath work, meditation, movement, sound),
– using the experiences for creativity and consciously improving our reality.

I share with you carefully selected content in PDF and MP3 form with extra videos and exercises connected to the modules. You can catch up whenever you can and there’s no stress about keeping up.

By participating in this course you will also get access to an online shop with plant medicines and limited genuine handicraft of the Quechua and Shipibo communities, by buying it you will be able to support them and their work.

The participants of this course will also be the first people who will have a chance to take part in an upcoming 2021 plant medicine retreat in Peru, where we will be putting all the knowledge into practice while reconnecting our hearts, minds and bodies into full coherence with the help of Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Mushroom, DMT, Cacao, sound, breath work, ecstatic dance, organic food, Nature, and the Shipibo and Quechua people.

The course has gathered over a 100 people from all the continents. Here’s just a few of reviews I’ve got:

‘I’m really grateful for this space here. Every time I sat down and read/listen to the next module I slowly felt more calm and grounded. Knowing that there are more likeminded people out there helped me lot. That’s what I needed in this time. ‘

‘What a journey! Thank you so much for doing all this, so helpful and natural 💚🌻’

‘Thanks for this 🙏 Have been super interesting to learn more about the plants and all around. Much appreciated, and very grateful for you and all you’ve shared 🙏💛’

‘Thank you my friend i appreciate everything you have done and thank the plants and the universe for bringing us together’

‘I’ve been immersing myself in it and honestly loving every bit of it. I feel like it’s been nourishing so much growth and understanding- I’ve had so many moments where things have just clicked for me. I work with a holistic therapist on a weekly basis, and have been trying to manifest confidence in myself to walk this path- there’s not a doubt in my mind that this class is apart of that manifestation.’

‘ I had a great journey and healing with Madre on the weekend. I feel so balanced and the course leading up to it helped with me just letting go and trusting the process. I have such deep respect for everyone in the world holding space. I hope I get to meet you in Peru sometime when things open.’

I’ll leave you all with this passage from P. D. Newman, a Brother of the Scottish Rite:

“The search for physical immortality proceeds from a misunderstanding of the traditional teaching. On the contrary, the basic problem is: to enlarge the pupil of the eye, so that the body with its attendant personality will no longer obstruct the view. Immortality is then experienced as a present fact.”


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