Chiric Sanango (1kg extract)


Product Details:

Scientific name: Brunfelsia grandiflora

Content: Ground dry root.

Weight: 1 kg

Preparation and administration: In 1 liter of boiling water add 1 tablespoon of the content, take 3 times a day. In alcoholic maceration add 150 gr. Of the content in a liter of brandy, sweeten with honey to taste, have a glass in the morning.

Note: It should not be administered to pregnant women; diet chili, pork and seasonings.


Traditional use:
Chiric Sanango is not as famous in the Western world as Ayahuasca. Meanwhile, it is no less powerful teacher-plant. In its native range it is used in traditional medicine to treat fever, rheumatism, syphilis, and arthritis. It is one of the active plant additives contributing to the hallucinogenic effects of the South American drink ayahuasca. In laboratory tests, extracts of the plant were active against the protozoa that cause leishmaniasis, especially Leishmania major.

Chiric Sanango is the element of fire. On the physical level, he works primarily with the nervous system. Chiric Sanango makes nerves as strong as steel. He forges the human inner kernel, straightens his bones and joints and makes the body stronger. He removes the energy blocking in the ganglia. This process is accompanied by numbers of emotions and conditions – irritability, apathy, boredom, drowsiness, anger, causeless joy, etc. This way a healing works.

Chiric Sanango is so called a dream plant – it leads people to the awareness of the dreaming body (double, twin, energy body) and teaches how to manage them. He is a conductor to the Energy Universe (“another attention” according to C.Castaneda).

Chiric Sanango, like Ayahuasca, belongs to “white” medicine – this plant always returns a person back.

If ingested properly, the plant can allow for greater introspection and understanding of the emotions that are being released. As the experience can be trying, many individuals report that it’s the hardest but most rewarding thing they’ve ever done in their life. It is to say that there will be great moments of discomfort, to be followed by great and long-lasting relief. It has been suggested that the intense physical effects the plant procures are truly what alters the mind.


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