I find the lagoon to be a perfect balance of the masculine energy of the mountains and the feminine energy of the lagoon. The perfect place of healing for the divine feminine and masculine.

We walk and then we meditate, share sounds and stories or simply be held by mother nature and we reconnect with our inner children to heal and grow.

The idea of a mountain pilgrimage is my favorite way to approach the grandfather medicine and I also really like how we are guided by the weather, there are moments when the weather is sunny and we can meditate in one place, when it gets cold as the sun hides behind the cloud we can always walk a bit to get warmer. Wachuma/San Pedro gives us the energy to walk and once we sit the blood flow really activates the experience, stimulated by the incredible views, the quartz in the mountains, the sound of flowing water and the instruments I bring for the sound bath session.

At the end of the day we come back to our Quechua friends, have a vegan soup from local potatoes by the fire and closing the ceremony with an integration circle.

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