Machu Picchu

Located on top of a mountain in the middle of a tropical forest, it is considered the tourist attraction par excellence in Peru. The historic sanctuary is a place that captivates tourists not only for its dazzling architectural beauty, but also for its important historical-cultural legacy, which has led it to be recognized and admired throughout the world.

Declared Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity in 1983 by UNESCO, it is probably the most amazing architectural construction of the Inca Empire. This citadel is made up of temples, palaces, terraces, monuments, complexes and walls; in addition to water channels, built with large blocks of stone, without any amalgam, proof of the great wisdom of the Inca civilization.

Surrounded by forests in the province of Urubamba (Cusco), Machu Picchu annually receives approximately 1 and a half million visits. It has an area of more than 30 thousand hectares, where it is possible to find a varied flora and fauna, as well as wooded areas, steep mountains and snow-capped peaks.

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