Aramu Muru

Known as “The Gate of the Gods” this ancient portal cut out in a mountain near to the famous lake Titicaca, the sacral chakra of the planet. Aramu Muru is a very attractive spot for many esoteric groups, that visit the place hoping that maybe the door will be opened, and they have a chance to see a bit to the world of the Gods.

Legend has it that an Incan priest in possession of a golden disk, placed the disk in a small depression in the ‘door’ (the ‘door’ being the niche carved into the rock), and this caused the door to open. The golden disk supposedly dropped from the sky.

“The legend says that this door opens only for those people who are spiritually ready to connect to the spirit of Lake Titicaca.”

Nowadays; locals carry out rituals of all kinds at the door of Aramu Muru, to ask for peace, to say thank you to the Gods or ask for hope.

But without doubt, Aramu Muru is a place surrounded by mystery, where people comment that they have had sightings of strange lights and claim to have had visions of stars or columns of fire, or to have heard sounds and have even felt the presence of a tunnel behind the door.

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